Monday, February 24

Personal Values - Narrowing Down the List

I have to take the following list down from its current given number of 42 values to 20 values, then 10, and finally my top five.  It was easier for me to do in a spread sheet, to keep track of how many values I had, so I pasted an image of it here.  Let's go on an adventure!

Monday, February 10

New DND experience

A couple of my ideas and plans for new experiences this past week fell through, so I broke a rule and had my new cultural experience with my husband.  He has played the game Dungeons and Dragons for 6 or 7 years, but I had never even heard of the game until I met him.  Even after I married him I had not played, or even witnessed a game.  So this week, I accompanied him and participated in my first ever DND game, immersing myself in this subculture.