Saturday, January 18

Just to Clarify...

I never said I was oppressed. Only that my beliefs and sometimes people like me have been misrepresented in the media and misunderstood in life.

I want every person to live a happy and prosperous life.  I also want our country as a whole to be a good and happy place to live.  To me, this means supporting morals and values and traditional marriage, all day every day.

To others who do not understand my religious faith (or choose not to), my firm stance on morality may seem to deny other people their chance at a happy life.  But I don't see it that way.  I believe that living a moral life is the only way to have a truly happy life, now and into eternity.

I am a biologist.  I do understand that sexual orientation is not a choice. I absolutely do NOT hate, or even dislike people with homosexual feelings.  I have a friend who is gay.  However, I do think it is wrong for them to act on those feelings, just like any heterosexual activities outside marriage.

My article was slanted on purpose, in an effort to tell a single story.  I am sorry for causing offense by writing about Phil Robertson.  Though I believe some of his comments were blown out of proportion, many of them were crude and unfair.  Although I included his story in my article, it does not mean I agree with all of his opinions.  I chose his story because it was a radical example that everyone had heard of,  both what he said and with how the media reacted.

I want to be a teacher one day.  I hope to prevent bullying of all kinds, so that students of any sexual orientation and any religious persuasion can all work together to learn science in my classroom.

Also, if any commenters are wondering, I have hidden all comments on all my blog posts, but I will still read them if you would like to share your opinion with me.

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