Sunday, January 26

Cultural Snapshot of Myself

For my next assignment, I need to gather and analyze 20 artifacts of my personal culture.  These  artifacts are supposed to be images or recordings.  So here they are.

An American Flag because I am an American citizen, and because my personal culture is shaped by the culture of our nation.

Unfortunately, I only speak the English language fluently, with a tiny working knowledge of Spanish. This affects my culture based on what I can express in my written and spoken life. 

However, my husband speaks fluent German, and it has enriched my life and culture to learn about another language and people. 

Saturday, January 18

Just to Clarify...

I never said I was oppressed. Only that my beliefs and sometimes people like me have been misrepresented in the media and misunderstood in life.

I want every person to live a happy and prosperous life.  I also want our country as a whole to be a good and happy place to live.  To me, this means supporting morals and values and traditional marriage, all day every day.

To others who do not understand my religious faith (or choose not to), my firm stance on morality may seem to deny other people their chance at a happy life.  But I don't see it that way.  I believe that living a moral life is the only way to have a truly happy life, now and into eternity.

I am a biologist.  I do understand that sexual orientation is not a choice. I absolutely do NOT hate, or even dislike people with homosexual feelings.  I have a friend who is gay.  However, I do think it is wrong for them to act on those feelings, just like any heterosexual activities outside marriage.

My article was slanted on purpose, in an effort to tell a single story.  I am sorry for causing offense by writing about Phil Robertson.  Though I believe some of his comments were blown out of proportion, many of them were crude and unfair.  Although I included his story in my article, it does not mean I agree with all of his opinions.  I chose his story because it was a radical example that everyone had heard of,  both what he said and with how the media reacted.

I want to be a teacher one day.  I hope to prevent bullying of all kinds, so that students of any sexual orientation and any religious persuasion can all work together to learn science in my classroom.

Also, if any commenters are wondering, I have hidden all comments on all my blog posts, but I will still read them if you would like to share your opinion with me.

If you would like to know more about my faith and my church's position, please visit: 

Sunday, January 12

Cultural Snapshot of Opponents of Same Sex Marriage

My first assignment for Multicultural Education is to create a cultural snapshot, a "single story" of a group of people, and how they are presented in the media.  Our assignment is based off this TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie.

We were assigned to find 5-10 cultural evidences of a single story about an underprivileged group that has been misrepresented (based on race, ethnicity, poverty or social class, immigration status, gender, or sexual orientation). Then analyze them to find the single story told about them, and I have chosen to do something a little different, hopefully in keeping with the spirit of this assignment, to try and tell a little-acknowledged story of a misrepresented group.

I would like to discuss the representation of people that believe homosexualtiy is a sin, and that same sex marriage should not be legalized.  I believe that the media represents these people as intolerant at the least, and demeaning and tyrannical at the worst.  What the media says about these people is not kind or fair.  While busily lobbying for rights for same-sex attraction, the media ignores the right of other citizens to express their disagreements.

My Life: An Update

So I haven't written on this blog for so long, but I am going to start again, partially because I need it for a class, and partially because I miss writing for fun about what I think is interesting.  So here is a brief background on my life now.

I have been married for 8 months.  I met my husband, Jim, through a mutual friend in May 2012, and we started dating in June.  We were engaged on New Year's Eve 2012, and married May 3, 2013.  We went on our honeymoon to Aruba, which was so fun and interesting! Of course, we visited their cultural history museum and viewed some of the less travelled sites from an ATV. I love Jim very much, especially because of the weird conversations we can have at dinner about my classes or whatever he is interested in at the time.  He graduated in June 2013 with a bachelor's in Applied Physics, but currently works with his brother in a startup company developing a healthy meals app.  His current interest that we talk about at the table is medieval runes.

I have changed my life plans in the past two years.  Instead of going to physical therapy school, I put aside my fears about becoming a teacher and have been accepted to a teaching certificate program so I can teach secondary science, specifically biology.  Really, teaching has been what I have wanted to do my whole life, since I was a little girl, but during high school I let doubts about the rightness of that decision creep in and I planned to do something else.  I had fears about the politics of teachers and administrators getting along, fears about having to teach to the test instead of helping my students learn and explore the world around them.  I was afraid that I was wasting my intelligence by becoming a teacher, instead of a doctor or physical therapist.  Because I am smart enough to do those things, but that isn't where my passion is.  I love being a leader and working with students of all ages, until I see the lightbulb so off. It is so rewarding and challenging to teach.

So, as part of my teaching program, I am taking a class about multicultural education and the importance of recognizing differences and similarities, and how to help all of my students succeed in school and my class, by addressing their cultural needs. For this class, I will have to make specific posts, which I hope will still be interesting and informative.

Thanks for reading, even though I am convinced I get more out of this from writing.

With Love.