Saturday, January 21

Something Inspiring... The Mind of My Sister

My sister was only 15 when I moved out of my parents house to come to college.  Anyone who has come in contact with 15-18 year olds, or ever been one, we change a lot in those years and decide who we are going to be, both professionally and morally.  One of the things I was really worried about when leaving was missing out on that time of her life (as well as the time with our even younger brother).  When I shared this concern with a friend of mine, they asked me "So what are you going to do about it?" as if it was obvious that I didn't have to miss out, as long as I put some effort into it.  I hope she can tell that I still want to know her as she is now, not keep some silly memory of her 15-year-old self alive in my mind.

Treasure Chest
Part of our continuing relationship is talking on the phone almost weekly, sharing about our lives, and also emailing for longer and document or internet-related sharing.  One of the things I shared with her recently was Eva Timothy's photography, because my sister is more interested in that art form even more than I am (she has a pretty decent camera and a great eye).  A couple of weeks later, she sent me an email back that had something amazing with it: her own artistic photographs.  She told me she had been inspired by Eva's work, and thanked me for sharing it with her.  Since she sent them I have been wanting to share them with a bigger audience, show her off as a proud big sister, so here they are, all the pictures in this post.

Book of Mormon

Keys, Pedal and Bench
Keys and Music

Of course, my sister is amazing in a lot of other ways, like her piano and musical abilities, but this is the recent amazingness I have been privileged to.  I hope you enjoyed it too. 

Oh, and I wanted to thank her for introducing me to the singer/songwriter Kate Voegele.  She is great, and I have her songs on replay.  :-)