Thursday, January 26

The Definition of Joy

I am not old enough or experienced enough in life to give a definition that I came up with, but two of my favorite quotes are about he definition of joy, and I would like to talk about them a little bit.  Both of them are from calendars (I really like calendars to decorate my room, and if they have words of wisdom under the fabulous pictures, how can I object?), but neither have attributions.  I apologize beforehand.  Now to the real meat (ironic, since I am vegetarian) :
"Joy is a spotlessly clean stove." 

Saturday, January 21

Something Inspiring... The Mind of My Sister

My sister was only 15 when I moved out of my parents house to come to college.  Anyone who has come in contact with 15-18 year olds, or ever been one, we change a lot in those years and decide who we are going to be, both professionally and morally.  One of the things I was really worried about when leaving was missing out on that time of her life (as well as the time with our even younger brother).  When I shared this concern with a friend of mine, they asked me "So what are you going to do about it?" as if it was obvious that I didn't have to miss out, as long as I put some effort into it.  I hope she can tell that I still want to know her as she is now, not keep some silly memory of her 15-year-old self alive in my mind.

Treasure Chest

Wednesday, January 18

He Aced It When He Wrote This Book...

I Am the Messenger by Marcus Zusak is one of the best books that I have read in a long while.  Not that I haven't read fun books, with entertaining plot lines and surprising twists and inventive characters, but this book had substance.  Lines that I remember and messages that resonate with me still.  It is made-it-into-my-library-for-my-future-children kind of good.  I bought the book to entertain me on my 12-hour travel day coming back to school after the Christmas break, but it became so much more.  Yesterday I was reminded of it by an applicable statement from the Foreword to Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning (required for my psychology class; I'll let you know how it turns out).  The rabbi author of the Foreword said:

"Typically, if a book has one passage, one idea with the power to change a person's life, that alone justifies reading it, rereading it, and finding room for it on one's shelves.  This book has several such passages."